WWJD – the Camp version

I remember in my junior high days those WWJD bracelets were all the rage in the Church-kid circle. I never wore one – partly because as a PK, my glass house meant I was always reminded of what “Jesus would do…” and church-kid-chic was never part of my wardrobe.

When I told my father about this blog and shared a few drafts with him, he was hesitant to get on board. (There’s over the top, then extreme, then me.) His only advice was,

What Would Mrs. Jilbert Do?

Mrs. Jilbert, my kindergarten teacher, was a staple in our family. A kind, loving, gracious woman who I felt really loved me unconditionally. And that is rare. She and her husband, a Col. stationed at the Academy for most of my childhood, were part of my parents weekly neighborhood bible study – part of their inner circle of trust.

To this day, she’s the voice I hear in my head when I’m scared or feel alone. “Ok, Kathy. OK.”

Mentors and role models are important. Even CEO’s of conglomerates need someone to turn to when the shit hits the fan or to remind us we’re not as great as we think we are. Andrew Carnegie mentored Charles Schwab, Ralph Waldo Emerson mentored Thoreau, Obi Wan and Luke…

When running a race, I size up the crowd and find someone I think is a minute or two faster and I chase her.

I’ve always found an older girl in school to try to model after. Lorraine, Meridith, Paula K, every single member of the Moellering family… Beautiful people, successful people, fun people, people with style and grace.

Find someone who encourages you. Find someone to look up to. Not Kardashians but Real people – people who make mistakes, who fail but pick themselves up and persevere.

And make sure to be that for someone else.


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  1. Kathy, you bring tears to my eyes. You are and were so very special. You still hold the title of “the most caring and kind child” I have ever taught, in school and Sunday school. Your caring ways were felt by all around you. And you still show that love and caring. You are loved and admired. Keeping going!

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