Why this challenge? Why run all 50 states? Am I a masochist?

  1. My father, a life-long athlete was sidelined with Parkinson’s Disease. I run because he can’t. Last year I ran a road race every weekend for an entire year – 52 road races. This year I needed to step up my game.
  2. Challenges are necessary to get us out of life’s ruts.
  3. Having been raised in a military environment, I have friends spread all over the globe like rock star DNA. This challenge gives me the chance to reconnect. I believe we were created for relationships – with each other and with our Creator.
  4. Everyone struggles. I’m a perpetually chipper cheerleader. Maybe I can encourage someone along the way. How can I encourage you?
  5. I’m preparing for world domination. I need to keep running so I look good in my evil genius power suit.